traveling through Colorado

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Its been two years since I’ve toured the west of America and Once again I find myself trekking through the mountain region. This is the beginning of the journey. Traveling is not always easy but always rewarding. I’m getting back into the swing of things though. This photo shows a lake in between Boulder and Nederland. My next stop is Rocky Mountain National expo 2014-004


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Over the past year I’ve been experiencing life and creating many photographs. During my experience I realized that the pictures can remind me of something else, like a story or an idea. An overturned chair next to broken window reminds me of chaos and a blue wall WITH THE WORD FREE WRITTEN ON IT LOOKS LIKE THE OCEAN. So the landscape became my medium and the pictures became poetic. Thank yall. you can view THE ALBLUM  AT POETIC JUSTICE. I just want to LIVE.  One day I walked into Keith Carter’s class and he showed us a video of James Brown performing live at the TAMI . And I got it. James Brown described , when he created music, sometimes he would hear something in the music and it was just right. So you go with it, even if you can’t explain it. Many of these photographs were just right.
poetic justice by Michael Reed

Day 649–Canoeing inside the Santa Elena Canyon

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As I canoed the Rio Grande river, I was impressed by the huge mountains on either side. Canoeing is always nice, but even better when you can take in a view like this along the way. The Rio Grande is not very deep as float through the canyon. If you’re carful, you can navigate through without getting out to pull your canoe often.fastturtles santa elena canyon

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